September 14th, 2010


Interlocking thoughts

I took my first test for Accounting today.  Well, the first half of my first test, we did multiple choice today and will do problems on Thursday.  I think I did okay, and am grateful I checked my work because there was at least one answer I had right on the test where I had filled in the wrong bubble on the scantron thingy.

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Studying for the test yesterday afternoon I reached a point where I really wanted to take a nap, but hadn't finished the practice tests yet.  I finished the practice tests, but it's a little hard to feel like a grown up when your life choices are study for test or nap.
While napping is always a valid life choice, I currently have medical reasons for needing them.  I have been off my thyroid medication since August 28 prepping for my one year follow-up scan.  As of Friday's bloodwork my TSH was 24.  The good about this is the faster I get out of balance the sooner I can do the scan (we're aiming for TWH>=40) and then start taking my meds again.  The bad about this was proven at 9p last night when I was entirely out of gas.  Apparently I am past the point where napping is an option, especially given that I have to be alert at work in the evenings.  Now I am all for naps, but given commute traffic my usual plan is to leave the apartment by 4p and then kill time at the other end until I can get into the theatre.  Since public napping is frowned on, I may have to get creative.
Following on that is the idea that I might be back on my meds way sooner than expected (maybe even by this weekend).  That, combined with the fact that my show didn't extend, means I might be free to go to my cousin's wedding which I previously thought there was no way I could do.  Except, I've already RSVP'd for the event no.  There's no guarantee this will work out, but given my previous RSVP should I even start looking?  A poll:

Poll #1618805 RSVP etiquette

Is it okay to change your response after you've already RSVP'd to an event?

Yes - always.
Yes if it's family
Yes if it's still more than X amount of time until event (X defined in comments)
Yes as long as it's just you - no guests
No - always
No with a caveat explained in comments
You actually respond to RSVPs?
Ticky RSVP!

Having just finished laundry I will leave with this thought - good luck is finding a whole kleenix in your basket of dry clothes.