September 21st, 2010



- It was a good football weekend in my world, yay!
- I made it through all of the shows and home safely this weekend, though Sunday was a little touch and go for a bit.
- Turns out the imaging center needed one more test done before they could even start the scheduling process so I had more blood drawn yesterday afternoon.  Today I called the imaging center confirming that as of 1p they didn't have results, left a msg with my endo's office to find the results or get an eta, and received a call from the imaging center asking for the number of the lab so they could contact them directly.  Still no call from the doctor who actually schedules things though. grrr.
- I got a cryptic text from a designer on my next show that turns out to have been cryptic because it wasn't for me.  And it woke me from a nap.
- Our tests were handed back in accounting today.  I got 90/91 which is 103% given where he put his curve.
- I think I may stay close to home and watch lots of movies this week, since that is about the level of exertion I can handle these days.  Anyone have a favorite I absolutely have to see?
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