November 12th, 2010


LJ Idol week 2: deconstruction

The alarm goes off. I roll over and fumble for the snooze button on my cell phone, returning the room to silence. My thoughts drift…


Is it that time already? Didn’t I just lie down?

I cannot get used to it being this light out, this early. 

Wouldn’t it be fun if it could be light out – I could float through my three mile run and bounce to work just to prove I can.

“Because we cancan cancan cancan cancan can!  <Bawaaoh, tweedle-bop!>” That’s a good wake up song.

A boat leaves a wake that is pretty, but treacherous.   

The autumn leaves are lovely, especially when they contrast with the dark bark of the trees.

Ugh that dog needs to stop barking, doesn’t he know I’m trying to sleep?

Mmm the bed is warm.

No, I can’t sleep. I have to get up and go for a run. I probably should have left ten minutes ago.

If I turn left when I head out I could run to the park.

My head doesn’t hurt this morning; my day is already a success! 

Mmmm - the clock lies – surely I have more time…



The alarm goes off again.


@@@This is my entry for week 2 of LJ Idol – Deconstruction. The song I referenced is from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack: "Because we can" by Fatboy Slim.  Thanks for reading – I may link to the poll this weekend if I get around to it, I totally missed it last week.@@@

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