November 19th, 2010


LJ Idol week 3: It's a trap!

As a kid, one of the highlights of my summer was always back to school shopping.

Yup, I was that girl. 

I liked school, but more importantly I liked school supplies. I was certain that if I had the perfect things, I was going to instantly transform from the bookish, quiet girl I was into one of the popular kids. Every August, I nursed the hope that this was the year I’d have all the right stuff and become the envy of my class.

Mom would designate a shopping day, and on the selected morning we’d head into Green Bay. Mom would start with clothes shopping, which was fine but not my favorite thing. Once we had picked out the new clothes came the part of the trip that was pure fun. I’d be released into the school supplies aisle at ShopKo with my mimeographed list from the school to search out the perfect accessories for the new me.

First – the binder. This was the early 80’s so of course it was a Trapper Keeper. The plan was to find something so awesome that the moment I pulled it out of my backpack in sight of my classmates I would be cool forever. I carefully examined all of the color and design choices available. I decided to go with a solid color, so I could add on the foil-reflective unicorn sticker that I had been saving for months. I imagined the sticker on different backgrounds and in different places, and finally I picked out The One.

Then it was time to look through the colored pens, the designer pencils, the rulers and protractors, the folders and notebooks. Everything had to coordinate.  Each subject got its own folder in its own color which required specific planning. After all, the subjects and colors couldn’t be thrown together willy-nilly. (Math was always blue, I remember that.) Once all of the exciting things were chosen I added the remaining necessities; loose-leaf paper, an eraser, the boring stuff.

When I got home it was time to assemble. I carefully filled the binder with the folders and the paper, putting pencils and pens in the pockets. I got the sticker from my bedroom and debated the perfect angle for several minutes before peeling the paper backing off and placing it carefully in the corner. Once that was done I put the Trapper into my backpack, so I could see the full effect of the reveal.

The forest green color looked like a field that the foil unicorn was running through, and when open the folders inside in yellows, blues, and purples looked like an early dawn sunrise.

It was perfect. And I knew, with this Trapper Keeper as my standard, I was destined for greatness.

@@@This is my entry for week 3 of LJ Idol - "It's a trap".  Believe it or not they still make
Trapper Keepers - whee.  There will be a poll up in the community on Satuday; thanks for reading.@@@