January 10th, 2011


bits (waiting for the comcast man edition)

- My jaw is feeling better.  It's still sore, but not constantly, and it's back to opening all the way.  It has been pointed out that I should still make an appointment with my doctor since this should be fixed completely as opposed to just liveably.  I'll make an appointment for before I go back on contract.
- Of course with my jaw feeling better last night I slept funny and now a muscle in my back hurts.  sigh.
- The comcast man is coming to install a home phone line.  By signing up for one of their bundle packages that includes home phone the cable and internet I already have will be cheaper for the first year, and the same price I pay now for the second year.  Yes, this does involve a contract, but then they also have a contract with me so the rates can't go up.  I will have to go and buy a phone this afternoon, since I don't own one anymore.
- J has an abcess in his big toe (we think) that he's been draining and soaking in epsom salts, but he's going to go to urgent care today to get it looked at officially.  We've been a lively household lately - him limping and me eating mostly soft foods.
- I am going over to a friend's house for a knitting night tonight.  There is a group who've started getting together once a month or so, I'm glad that I can attend this time.  It will be good to see folks, and hopefully I can finally finish the scarf I've been working on.
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