January 11th, 2011


Generation gap?

There were four of us at knitting last night ranging in age from approximately 26-40.  All three of the other ladies have worked at the same place so they talked shop for a while, and then we detoured into a talk of books.  As we were discussing things we had read in school, or at least at a junior high age, and a book came up that the two older of us in the room immediately recognized, and the two younger folks had never even heard of.  So now I'm wondering if having read, or at least heard of, this book is the age predictor I think it is.

Poll #1666968 have you read

The book: "Flowers in the Attic" by VC Andrews

Of course I read it, everyone was reading it
Lots of my friends read it but I stayed away, do you know what that book is about?
I've heard of it, but eh
The who in the what now?
Ticky in the attic!

Your age range please.

age has no meaning

From my perspective: this book was everywhere when I was in junior high, and I wanted to know what the fuss was.  Given the subject matter it's the only book my mother ever directly told me I wasn't allowed to read.**  So I had a friend check it out of the library on her card and smuggled it home.  It was certainly interesting, but I didn't love it and never read the sequels.  Mom found it while she was cleaning and I got into some trouble for reading it, but mostly we talked about the subject matter and why she had told me not to read it in the first place.

**I was allowed into the adult section of the library after the sixth grade.  The only standard book rule in our house was Mom had to know what I was reading before I read it and would occasionally offer advice.  (When I wanted to read 1984 in 1984 at age 11, she suggested I wait a few years so I would get it.  That seemed reasonable to me and I ended up reading it as a sophomore.)  Anything she was nervous about she would either check with the Lit teachers at school (she worked in the school office) or read herself when I finished with it.  I unintentionally introduced my mom to a lot of authors and books that way.