February 3rd, 2011


happy news!

As I have mentioned before my next show starts rehearsal on this Sunday.

Yes, that is Super Bowl Sunday.

Yes, that is the Super Bowl that my hometown team, the Green Bay Packers, are playing in.  (Go Packers!)

Ever since they won the NFC championship I've been wondering how to approach this.  I enjoy watching the Super Bowl all the time but to possibly miss it when my team is playing was making me cranky.

I decided to play it somewhat cool.  I got copied into a thread of emails about scheduling this past Monday once I was on contract.  At that point the current Sunday rehearsal plan was noon - 9:30p with a dinner break (!).  I answered the one union question and put one additional item into the mix that everyone else always forgets and that was it, I decided to bring up the game in the next go around of questions and responses.  I figured I could at least get the dinner break to coincide with the second half.

Then it happened.  The director responded to the emails with answers to several of the questions that only she would know.  And she asked "is it possible to move rehearsal so it's not on top of the Super Bowl?"  Apparently the author is a huge football fan.  I jumped right in, suggesting the schedule I had been hoping for from the beginning.  It got tweaked a bit for logistics but in the end I'll be rehearsing from 10:30a-3:30p on Sunday.  Which here on the west coast should get me home just around kickoff.