February 14th, 2011



- Running in the rain always makes me feel like a badass.  Cold and wet, but badass nonetheless.  Nine miles today felt doable, though certainly not easy. That means I'm right on track.

- I finally got an appointment with a doc who specifically deals with TMJ, and then my rehearsal schedule changed so now I have to reschedule.  My jaw is getting stuck more often and  for longer, so I'm hoping that it won't have to move too far away. 

- Rehearsals for this show are going well.  I enjoyed sitting in the room as the play was rewritten last week; the people involved were all intelligent, reasonable, and most worried about getting the play right.  It's enough to renew my love of theatre for a little while.  Even better, since it's a two person 80 minute play we're rehearsing short days this week so we don't drive the play into the ground.  Woot!

- Happy valentines day to everyone who celebrates!! J and I went to dinner and a movie last night, and are staying in tonight. We both prefer low-key which works out nicely.