April 26th, 2011

happy now

Dear the universe

So I was waiting for my boyfriend to come home to start dinner but he was late, his message to me got lost in pixels somewhere, and by the time I noticed how late it was I needed to eat, not cook then eat.  I decided to run out for food, and chose to go to Taxiburger.  Did I need a cheeseburger and fries?  No, and the scale will back me up on that.  But I wanted one and figured why not?  I got to Taxi's, placed my order for takeout, and a few minutes later was handed my dinner.  As I headed to the door two young men were walking up, and they held the door for me.  I smiled and said thank you and the one with his hand on the handle responded "You're welcome, ma'am."


Pbbbbth on you. universe.

(BTW the mushroom swiss burger and curly fries were delicious, so there.)
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