May 16th, 2011

Running down the road

race day

I can tell you about the nice weather, and the change in attitude of the race.  I can talk about the new waved time starts which meant there were a lot fewer people to run around for the first few miles.  But mostly I need to talk about my finish time.

I finished in 1:18:39 yesterday.

My previous PR for Bay to Breakers was 1:24:47.

I'm not quite sure where six minutes went, but awesome!  Mostly I think it's because I ran a half at the end of March so this wasn't my first race of the year and I was in better shape.  Now I just have to run all the way up the hill, and who knows?  Though to keep me humble, the top dozen or so finishers were all done with the race about the same time I got to the top of the hill just before mile three.  Heh.

The only problem with getting this much faster in a gulp is that it might make it harder to get faster next time.

Best costumes were the men in black leggings, t-shirts, and tutus with the full "black swan" face makeup on. 
And yes, I saw the salmon running down Hayes Street hill.  Eight years in a row, baby.