July 7th, 2011


Returning from the depths with a meme

I've been really absent here for nearly a month. Some of it was being busy (closing a show), some of it was traveling (three new states last week!), but mostly it was a combination of inertia and lazy. Ah well. There are several stories I want to share but to get back into this habit I thought I'd start with the meme I'm seeing all over now that I'm nearly caught up on my flist. (When I first sat down yesterday I was at skip 225. If you have a random reply from me about something you wrote a week ago - that's why.)

Anyway this Personality Test making the rounds is fun, and like most people, I can totally see myself in the results.


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Now, I'm off to catalog and reorganize my comic book collection.  I have to know what I have before this DC reboot tempts me to buy way too many new things.