September 20th, 2011

freaking beaker out

crafting help

I haven't posted in forever and totally owe whoever still reads this all of you a giant update post, likely with bullet points.  However, now is not that time.

Now is the time for me to share a knitting dilemna with all of you incredibly smart folks and see what you can come up with.  You don't have to knit to have an opinion about this, by the way.

I recently re-started on a project that has been in my stash pile for a really long time - a knit poncho.  All gathered together were the pattern with extra photocopies of the chart, the yarn I had purchased, my notes about adjusting the # of cast on stitches to make the gauge, and the six rows on needles I had managed to knit before I let the chart and all of the counting scare me off last time.  I needed a new project and decided to pull this out to see if I could in fact knit this one in the booth.  And I can.

The pattern involves a lot of paired yarn overs and decreases to make a lovely diamond openwork pattern.  Construction-wise it's incredibly simple - make two rectangles and then stitch them together to form a diamond-y shape and viola, poncho.  The yarn I'm using is a soft pink which probably wouldn't be my first choice today, but is still lovely.  Once I figured out the chart and got used to the stitches involved I'm flying along.

The problem? I don't have enough yarn.

I bought enough for the pattern as written.  However, I didn't account for the changes that adjusting for gauge made, and I always seem to need more yarn than any pattern calls for (though I had purchased some extra, it wasn't enough).  I have ten balls of this yarn, and I could likely squeak by with 12 but ideally I should have 13. 

So?  Go buy more yarn.

The yarn I am using is discontinued.  Not only that but the color I'm using was discontinued in spring of 2006, which gives you an idea of how long this project has been sitting in my closet.  I found someone selling the same yarn in an ivory color, but that's as close as I've gotten.  The store I bought this from was having a going out of business sale at the time.  Even more problematically, though I realized this issue early last week I've kept knitting with what I have, because I need something to do with my hands during this show (shush you) and didn't have time to start something else.  So I'm just over half-way done with one panel.  Which means the time for decisions is fast approaching.

Poll #1780083 Now what?

What should I do next?

Suck it up and frog what you've done - buy enough of a different yarn and start over.
Get the same yarn in ivory and add some stripes.
Shop for some other yarn and try to match color and weight.
Shop for some other yarn and go for a tonal stripe (maybe lavender).
Instead of a poncho make this rectangle longer and make it a shawl.
Or maybe a doll blanket.
Or a child's poncho.
Silly Beeker, ponchos are for the 70s. Abandon the entire thing and be grateful.
knitting clickie!

If I go for finishing what I've started with additional yarn, how should I stripe?

Make one rectangle pink and the other something else, so the front and back are different.
Knit say, four skeins of pink and one of whatever else so there are paired narrower stripes of color opposite each other.
Buy several different colors and just change whenever - like the fourth Doctor's scarf.
Figure out a way to knit polka dots.
What do you think?

(Also, I've been searching for similar yarns online and apparently this fabric content combination and weight is unusual.)