November 6th, 2011


gratitude day 3

I am grateful for a friendly cast. 

Today was day three of rehearsal and it's always a bit of a toss up how 15 people thrown together in unusually intimate conditions are going to come out the other side.  But so far everyone is nice - all getting along with each other and me.  I found a fellow Packer fan in the cast, managed to chat with one of the kids, and generally enjoy the day - even though the rehearsal report (notes to send to the designers and staff who aren't in rehearsal) was three pages long after our seven hour day.  This show still feels like it's too much - everything really, but at least the people in the handbasket with me are folks I enjoy.

1) The Packers are 8-0, baby!
2) peanut butter ice cream
3) finding and fixing the paper jam in the copier that no one else could figure out.