November 23rd, 2011


gratitude day 19

Have the very best story from today.  This past weekend the director freaked out when he realized there wasn't a paper tech scheduled, he didn't think we could possible tech the show without one, etc, minor hysterics, and so on.  I got in touch with the light designer and scheduled a paper tech for this am from 9:30-12:30.  I watched the director write it in his calendar, and it was in the rehearsal minutes last night.  At 9:30 this morning the light designer and I were there, no director.  We figured he was running late and just started.  Then we realized he had likely forgotten but were on a roll so we kept going.  We got all 409 light cues in my book in 3 hours and 15 minutes.  The director walked into rehearsal at 1:31 (scheduled to start at 1:30) and I asked him about paper tech.  His response “was I supposed to be at that?”


I am grateful for ibuprofen.  (2000 mg a day is fine, right?)

And sleep.  Which I'm going to go and do now.