February 16th, 2012



I'm grateful our group project for class got done for today.  I'm that person who hates group projects and would always rather just do it myself.  But for this class our group project is going to go for the rest of the semester.  Currently our group of four has two very active folks, one who seems like she'll do the things she's specifically given to do, and one who is just checked out.  Whee!

Rehearsals a few days in are still going well.  All of the people in the room get along fabulously.  The weird tension is when we need to communicate to the folks not in the room - the shops and designers.  There are still things out there that just haven't been decided or are misunderstood.  I'm asking all of the questions I can but our first night on stage will be interesting. 

A friend borrowed a DVD copy of "The Help" for me so I can complete my mission to see all of the best picture oscar nominees this year.  I'm picking it up tonight and probably won't have time to watch it for a few days.  I don't know if it can knock "the Artist" out of my personal top spot this year.