February 19th, 2012



This week, I'm a morning person.  My class this semester is at 9a so it's been pushing me in that direction for a while, and mostly I have to be to rehearsal at 11a and I run in the mornings.  This week the latest I've set my alarm is 7a and by 11:30p I'm wiped out.  I realize this is normal for most people, but typically I am on a second shift schedule.  Getting up at 6a to run before rehearsal feels weird, but accomplished.  I'm enjoying this morning-person life, and need to stay in it for at least another week and a half.  It might get harder when J comes home Monday night, and when I get to tech rehearsals I'm going to need to shift back to second really quickly.  But I have been enjoying my time in morning land - today I did my laundry before I got to rehearsal at 10:45a.  I'm amused that I'm excited by something that is daily grind for most people. 

Another exciting thing - 2/3 of the way through the season I'm currently winning the fantasy hockey league I'm playing in.  Maybe everyone is going to adopt my theory of picking the cute players from now on - heh.  The people with actual hockey knowledge are creeping up on me, but I should definitely make the play offs this year.

What's exciting in your world today?