August 31st, 2012

cool Burn Notice


I am a movie person.  My netflix queue is currently 272 movies long, with only 46 of them available to watch instantly (my DVDs are important, thank you).  But I tend not to comment on the movies I've seen, in part because a lot of them are older*, and in part because I am generally forgiving of movies.  I also sometimes think watching movies by myself on netflix isn't entirely fair, since I frequently balance my checkbook or something at the same time - they don't get the same focus as watching a movie in a theater, or with someone, or when I have to read subtitles.  But having recently read Pauline Kael's autobiography (and adding several movies to my queue based on her stuff) I am realizing that talking about movies is part of the fun.

So here are the netflix movies I saw this month:  Melancholia, Day of the Jackal, Mother, From Dusk Til Dawn, A Hard Day's Night, These Amazing Shadows, Shane, The Long Goodbye, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and Fullmetal Alchemist:Conqueror of Shamballa.  Two documentaries, an anime (that ended the series which was astonishingly good), several from before 1980, one more recent release, and one - seriously who thought that Quentin Tarrentino should be allowed to act?

My very favorite on this list is probably Mother, which somehow managed to not be what I was expecting and still completely drew me in.  After ten minutes I was thinking "this isn't what I thought it was but I'll give it a little longer" and the next time I glanced away to check a clock it was 1:45 in. 

I am thinking of doing a regular round up of reviews going forward, a la spectralbovine.  What do you think?

*I set an arbitrary movie watching goal of seeing every film nominated for best picture since the year I was born a few years back.  I've kept up with the current ones for the last five or so years, and working backwards has been interesting.  Currently I've covered from 1985 to the present.