September 22nd, 2012


Three beautiful things yesterday

1. On our small balcony - the morning glories that J planted in a pot out on our balcony have begun to bloom.  Probably it had started a few days before but I noticed yesterday, blooms that are a delicate purple and a rich, royal blue.  So pretty!

2. On the running trail - the space shuttle.  Turns out the route the Endeavour took on it's flyby of the Bay Area passed right by the reservoir my trail borders.  I stopped for a moment, and then ran faster to keep it in sight until it disappeared over the hills.  I knew it was flying by and planned to just look at photos, actually getting to see it in person was a surprise.

3.  Back on our small balcony - at dusk I noticed a hummingbird visiting one of the other blooming plants.  It's the first hummingbird out there I've seen.

It was a good day.