November 30th, 2012


still here

So much for that 30 in 30 huh?  I will have to resurrect the idea sometime soon.

Part of what happened is that we left town for Thanksgiving week, we were in CO seeing J's family and our friends.  But I didn't want to be all "we're going out of town" on the interwebs before we left, and didn't have much else to talk about while we were there...

In any case the trip was a lot of fun, though I got mildly sick again.  The headace for the first three days I think was altitude, the upset stomach and intestinal problems that started on Thanksgiving day (!) I think may have been a bug, several other people in that group were ill by Sunday.  I really hope I didn't bring it.

Back at the job this week which continues to go well as they give me more to do.  The commute is still kicking my ass a bit, but only coming home, getting there is fine.  It currently feels like from now until Dec 18 is all school and holiday stuff, and then I'm going to collaspe.  We'll see how it actually works out.
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