January 22nd, 2013


Goal check in

  1. Start each day with a sun salutation.  Done.  I have to be careful about forgetting on the weekends when my mornings are less routine-ified.
  2. Stretch out after every run.  Done!
  3. After every run minus one per week do longer workout.  Nope**
  4. Use that list to start contacting friends, actually meet with one person/couple a week.  I went to opening of the latest TW show on Saturday night and had a chance to chat with various people.  It wasn't super in depth, but it was social.
  5. Create a list of all my expenses by month and quarter, use that to budget what I’m putting in savings through March.  Complete by Jan 21.  Done.  It's a nifty excel spreadsheet with lots of formulas so I can change one number and see what happens.  My finances are about what I expected (tight but workable), and don't leave a whole lot of spare room for extra savings right now.  But J and I are still talking and he built his own spreadsheet after seeing mine, so we're on the right course.
  6. Schedule and go to a massage before the end of January. I found a place to go, still haven't called.
  7. Finish the dragon I began knitting in 2009 by the end of January. I should probably change this to general knitting, I finished two and a half repeats of the pattern on the poncho last week (11 repeats total) so I'm back in a groove, just on a different project.
**I need to re-evaluate this goal.  Taking advice from several folks, I need to break this down even further; maybe spread the exercises out so I do the entire workout every week, one or two bits a day, or find something slightly different.  But instead of one big thing three days a week I think I need to find a ten minute thing to do six days a week.  What I need to do is make a new plan and get it written down somewhere, right now it's all nebulous intent.  So goal #3 for this week is actually to figure this out.
rawr dinosaur


Yesterday, I turned 40.

I laughed a lot, and cried a little.

I wore my hair in braided pigtails, despite the dozen or so grey hairs visible along the center part.

I read some good words, and ate some good food.

I talked with family and friends.

I hiked in the woods.

I did all of this with J, who I love and can't imagine my life without.  Apparently he feels the same because...

I also got engaged.