March 9th, 2013

mirror girl  Rockwell

me & my hand

I seem to be able to update either by email or LJ but not both.  So catching up here:

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Since then, I'm doing alright.  I've been wearing the sling to commute (as a visual signal to others I'm injured as much as needing it) and to sleep, but that's it.  My elbow still doesn't straighten out all the way but I keep working on it.  The other exercise the Dr gave me is being defeated by the hand brace, the way it's holding my arm bones above the wrist won't let it turn all the way.  [Put your elbows at your waist and your forearms out at a 90 degree angle palms down.  Now, moving only the forearm, rotate your palms up.]  I think this is going to be the biggest issue in healing, what's best for the hand isn't always ideal for the elbow, and vice versa.

I'm still taking pain medication, though I've stepped the dose down after reacting weirdly on Thursday.  I had been taking two pills every four hours and not feeling particularly fuzzy, though it certainly helped the pain.  Thursday mid-morning I took my next dose and 20 minutes later felt
woozy, like I was packed in cotton.  I got really warm and had trouble focusing.  The best comparison, I realized after, was I felt drunk, though whoo, nothing hurt at all.  I don't know if I hit my own personal capacity, or the fact that I was pmsing changed my body chemistry, but I didn't like it all, so I'm down to one pill now.

Otherwise, I feel pretty good.  My knee is healing up though I'm probably going to have to keep bandaging it for another week or so, the one scrape is really deep.  J has been awesome: making dinners, driving, and generally being a second hand when I need one.  This whole thing has left me putting several things on hold (running, wedding planning, knitting) and slowing down a little isn't the end of the world, I suppose.