March 17th, 2013


small victories

This morning, I put on my own bra, all by myself.


I realize this is a slightly silly thing to celebrate, but reclaiming small pieces of mobility and normalcy is awesome.  Since I broke my hand I've mostly been wearing those spaghetti strapped tank tops with a shelf bra under everything, or J has had to help me get dressed.

I still can't tie shoes, put my contacts in, or put makeup on.  I suppose I could attempt makeup, but left-handed and blind means I'm better without.  I have one hairstyle for the duration (a bandana or fabric buff with clippies so it stays), and am rotating through the three pairs of pants I know I can button and zip without help.  I can take a shower solo but need help both before (getting my right arm bagged and banded so the brace doesn't get wet) and after (you try getting your left arm dry holding the towel in your left hand).

But I can put on a bra.  Today is fantastic.