March 25th, 2013

mirror girl  Rockwell

not what I had planned

Yesterday was the Oakland race I had planned to be running.  It was to be my first half-marathon of the year, my training was going well, and I had hopes of maybe even setting a new PR.

Instead I spent yesterday morning with coffee and comic books.  Not a bad morning by any means, but not what I had planned.

Tomorrow is four weeks since I broke things.  My elbow goes flat with a little help, and the exercises are getting a bit easier.  The scab came off my knee over the weekend leaving me with two patches of very shiny, pink, rough skin.  My hand has started to ache a little more; my theory is now that it's had some time to heal the big stuff the fact that the pins are foreign material is more obvious, since the ache is usually around them.  I've been taking lots of walks.

In eight days the pins come out.  I'm avoiding thinking about exactly what that means since I'll be left with two holes in my hand (and open tracts where the pins were, maybe? ew).  I'm ready for the next step of this process now, so I'm working on my patience.

ETA:  making sure I keep this bit of silliness-

Look at all the neat stuff you could still type when your hand was broken.
We were arrested after dad ate deer eggs