September 11th, 2013


a number of things

1.  I'm not dead yet.
2.  My hand is almost entirely better.  It's still stiff in the mornings and I occasionally discover an unusual motion that hurts and then need to work at it, but it isn't stopping me from doing things.
3.  I still haven't picked my knitting back up - I should look at that as hand PT.
4.  I've started taking a weekly yoga class!  I'm greatly enjoying the stretch/strength though I have to be careful of my wrists.
5.  I'm still running, and even managed to do the SF 1/2 in June.  Having lost so much training time I gave myself a goal of finishing in less than 2 1/2 hours.  My actual time was 2:29:something, heh.
6.  Wedding planning has taken over the majority of my life, though it is feeding my love of to do lists.
7.  The wedding is in about a month, in WI.
8.  I had a shower/bachelorette day with several friends this past weekend, we went wine tasting, had a picnic lunch, got mani/pedis, did some more wine tasting, and had dinner.  Apparently we were a little unusual since we actually bought wine.
9.  Planning this wedding I have found myself caring desperately about things I would never have expected to find important at all, and really not caring about some things that seem to freak folks out.
10.  I am planning to do my own hair for the wedding and the do involves curling my hair, which for me involves sleeping in foam rollers the night before.  I'm fairly certain the whole 'groom doesn't see the bride the night before thing' has nothing to do with being afraid someone is going to run away or romance.  It's about not wanting him to see the curlers (too late).
11.  The company I had been temping at since last November hired me full time at the beginning of the summer.
12.  We're also about to move offices, so now that I've got this commute figured it's going to change.
13.  J told me he'd wear whatever I wanted for the ceremony, even if that meant a sombrero and thong.  Not the way we're going, but further proof that J is still awesome.
14.  Since the summer solstice both J and I have been trying to lose some weight - we got matching phone aps to track calories and exercise.  We've been talking about it for a while and wedding photos are a good motivator.  I have managed to lose several pounds which is exciting, this is the first time I've made a concentrated effort to lose since the thyroid stuff of several years ago, and I wasn't sure I could.
15.  I've seen almost no movies in the theater this summer between a new schedule and being crazy busy.  But it feels weird.
16.  I've kept up with my flist all summer long, and been commenting occasionally, I just stopped writing somehow.  Things may stay really sparse until late October, but I'm here.
17.  I wasn't sure how many numbers this list was going to have but apparently the answer is 17.  So there.