July 10th, 2014


and I'm back

We were out of town for the 4th of July - took advantage of an already 3 day weekend to turn it into a slightly longer than that trip home (for me) to WI.  J and I met my brother for lunch, went Up North to attend a huge family barbeque and just hang out for a while, and then back south to see my sister-in-law and the kids (my brother had to leave to travel for work by the time we got there, hence the lunch at the beginning of the trip).  One of the joys of being Up North is that at our camp there is no cell reception, much less internet.  So I've been pretty completely unplugged for a week.  Once upon a time, I wouldn't have let myself post until I caught all the way up on my flist, but I want to start updating more and so I've decided it's okay.  But it still feels weird.

The being gone does mean I'm taking a bye this week in LJ Idol. I just never had time to sit back and ponder the topic, which I'm a bit bummed about because I liked it.  Ah well.

Oh and from my nearly 5-year-old nephew (paraphrased):  I think you should move here, not next door, but close, so that when we go to swimming lessons we could stop by your house and knock on the door and if you were there we could play maybe.

So sweet!