July 19th, 2014


passing notes

When I run on the trail there are a core group of people who are there all the time.  We all recognize each other on sight and greet each other, actual words instead of just the typical nod and wave at a runner going the other way.  Around two months ago an older gentleman struck up a short conversation while we were both going the same way, him on roller blades.  I usually see him when I'm running long on Saturdays and we chat briefly.  He's retired and has a daughter, and I think he's a little lonely but nice enough.

I saw him  this morning and he turned around to be with me for a bit.  He asked if I was going to be back after this weekend (he knows my race is next week), and then asked if I had pockets, because he had a little gift for me.  I got a little on edge** but he said something about when you have something nice to say you should say it, and handed me a folder slip of paper, then turned to continue on the way he had been going.  I put it in my pocket to open when I finished.

It says, "You have a powerful, amazing, beautiful, perfect smile!!!! And you ought to see yourself from behind!! You're stunning!  Why do you think I went out of my way to meet you?"

So it's sweet, if a little much, but we talk about his daughter and I don't think she visits so often and I'm going to take it in the spirit it was given.

I never even passed notes in grade school.

** a few years ago on this trail there was another gentleman who would want to chat, though he always wanted me to stop for a bit.  Over time he started saying things like you're more beautiful every time I see you, which in the middle of ten miles is simply not true.  He also asked me out, and I finally had to tell him to please stop because he was creeping me out.  He's still there sometime but now he just gets the nod and wave.