July 24th, 2014


LJ15: Chekhov's gun

Mark looked up the next name on the spreadsheet, and put it through the company search engine to find their contact information.  “Maybe Michelle won’t be too curious” he thought.


Michelle knew she wasn’t supposed to check her personal email on the work computer, but how else was she supposed to get through a Wednesday?  She scanned through Facebook notifications and ads, and clicked on a message with the subject line ‘object holding corps’.

Thank you for volunteering your time to participate in this important and vital service. Tomorrow, promptly at 7pm, a box will be delivered to your home.  Please put it in a safe place.  You will be responsible for the box for one week, during which time it belongs to you.  Know that the contents are not illegal or hazardous, but we recommend that you do not open the box.  At the end of a week the same man will return to pick up the box, and your service will be completed.

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***This is my entry for week 15 of the craziness known as LJ Idol, see what other people did with "Chekhov's gun" here.***