June 29th, 2015


Random facts about me!

Comment with "I wanna play!" and you will be assigned a number between 15-50 of facts for you to share. bookishgeek gave me the number 35, which I think I can pull off, but we'll see.

1. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but am nearly at the point where I've lived in California longer than anywhere else.  I will, however, always answer the question where are you from with "Wisconsin."
2. I am afraid of open-air high places, including bridges and overpasses.  I will drive several extra miles to avoid certain overpasses nearby.
3. I am right handed in everything except when I play pool, which I shoot left-handed.  I had no idea I did this until it was pointed out to me.
4. My bedroom at my parents house is still mostly as it was when I last lived there, including all the stuff on the walls.  When my now husband saw it for the first time he commented that it was like meeting me at 18.  ( I did take down the New Kids on the Block poster one summer when I was back from college.)
5. I have a BA in Literature and a BS in Technical Theater, and I finished both degrees in four years.
6. My favorite color used to be yellow but these days it's green.  Or maybe blue.
7. I occasionally buy fun post-its just because.  (Office supply stores are one of my happy places.)
8. After working in theater professionally for 12 years as a stage manager I left and am now work in accounting.  I may have over-corrected, heh.
9. I have collected comics ever since I bought "Tales of the Teen Titans" #2 when I was in grade school.  In our apartment I have one long box, seven (I think) short boxes, and other random piles of comics to be filed, as well as at least three shelves of graphic novels.
10. The quote "Will a woman leave you if you don't read the books she recommends?  I now know the answer is yes." (Alice Walker, from memory) made me realize that I really couldn't ever date someone who wasn't also a reader.
11. The only pet I have ever been personally responsible for is a goldfish, who I named Fish.
12. I can still recite most of Hamlet's 'instruction to the players' monologue after learning it for an arts summer camp in high school.  The first day of that camp when we presented was when I realized that maybe I wasn't meant to be an actor; I was one of three of us who had actually done the memorization, but the other two actually performed it where I was happy just to know the whole thing.
13. I have broken four bones in my lifetime, all in my right arm.  I broke the humerus high up when I was ten, falling off a playground slide, and in 2013 I tripped out for a run and landed badly; I broke the 4th and 5th metacarpuls and cracked the radial head in my elbow.
14. My movie watching project to see every movie nominate for the best picture Oscar since the year I was born is nearly complete - I have about five movies left.  Most are really good, or have something to recommend them, but I do not understand what anyone sees in "The Accidental Tourist".
15. My current commute involves riding the train, and I bring actual books to read.  It's surprising how odd that is these days.
16. Grandma R taught me to crochet when I was eight and knit when I was ten, Grandma M taught me to play solitaire.
17. There is so much good TV in the world these days  that we could probably spend a month watching nothing but what is already on the tivo and still not be caught up.
18. I am an introvert and have to remind myself that if I want to see friends I might need to call them first.
19. I have run one marathon, finishing in 5:01:08.  I have to run another because I can find 68 seconds in 26 miles.
20. The only other language I speak is French, though it's been a long time since classes or using it so it is hugely rusty.  I tried to take German my senior year of college and had to drop both because I was light designing one mainstage show and stage managing the other that semester, and because I kept trying to pronounce all of the German like French.
21. "sechs, sieben, acht" will always be funny to me.  It's "six, seven, eight" in German and gets said in Cabaret.  On a production I worked on one of the follow spots got on headset and asked why they were saying "sexy, but art".
22. My lips are always dry and a little peeling, no matter what lip balm I use or how much.  Probably if I stopped picking at them it would help.
23. One of my first words was "puppy" because of a stuffed red dog my aunt gave me.  I still have Puppy (also possibly where I came up with my incredibly complex naming system).
24. We have memberships to the California Academy of Sciences and the Exploratorium because science museums are cool.
25. When I was little ghost stories completely freaked me out - like leaving all the lights on and still not sleeping and not willing to be alone in the basement freaked out.  It's only in the last few years that I can watch horror movies at all, and then it's still a little iffy.
26. I don't really play any video games, somehow I missed that.  We have several consoles now thanks to the hubs, but I'd rather spend screen time watching a movie and knitting.
27. I do like board games though, and we try to get together with friends at least monthly to play and chat.
28. At any given moment I probably have two-three to do lists going (work, home, longer-term) and they're always on paper.  I've tried list aps but none of them are as satisfying as picking up a pen and crossing something off.
29. I'm an alto.
30.There is a monkey puppet on my desk.  He came with me from theater where he used to live over the god-mic of every show, as a physical reminder not to pick up the god-mic unless I meant it.  (He was a gift after I once called five minutes to places to the house.  On the plus side, the audience sat down quickly that day.)
31. I was trying to figure out a favorite food the other day and I really don't know.  I will eat most anything, but there isn't a single thing that I love and want all the time.  If I'm looking for comfort food my first thought is usually mac and cheese.
32. I got drunk for the first time when I was 20 in college.  It was lent and I gave up cursing and my friend gave up drinking.  In return for which she cursed for me and I drank for her.  I do not recommend grape kool-aid and vodka in excess.
33. I have a several different decks of Tarot cards.  I like that there's a set order and meaning to the cards, but within that they can be interpreted in all kinds of visual ways, variations on a theme.  I can read them as well, though it's been a long time and I'm not particularly good at it.
34. The great majority of my shoes are either over five years old or running shoes.  This is a perpetuating problem because the older shoes aren't very comfortable so I just keep wearing my old running shoes (thankfully grey and blue not neon pink or some such) all the time.
35. I own my car outright, and this October it will turn 20 (I've had it for ten years).  It is frankensteined together from an accident before I bought it and I keep thinking it's going to die at some point and instead it just keeps on running.

That got sticky at the end, like pulling teeth.  And as soon as I thought that I thought of another fact, so have a bonus one.

36. I've had only one cavity in my life.  And one root canal, sadly.