January 5th, 2016


Happy 2016!

It's raining and it's lovely.  Several people I know are complaining about the weather, a lot, but normal Bay Area winter is supposed to be in the 50s, grey and sometimes wet.  I know these heavier rain storms are causing real issues (hello, El Nino).  But I think people have been lulled by the much drier and warmer winters we've had the last several years forgetting that they were caused by a drought.  I find myself having little patience with people complaining about the rain that we need so badly.

I have been running again!  The foot is fine so far, though there's a ghost of something still not quite right that I'm working to stretch out.  I'm starting slowly and carefully because I've hurt myself coming back too quickly from time off in the past.  In the effort to get moving again while being nice to the foot I'm also back to swimming and just started biking.  But I really want to add more strength and stretching to my regular routine.  (If I have a 2016 resolution, this is it.)  I have some imbalances to my gait/posture and it's time to actually try to fix them instead of just living with the regular ache in my right hip/glute, or my left shoulder.  I'm debating scheduling a trainer at the YMCA to better learn the various weight equipment there, and trying to decide how much of this I can do on my own with the information from the various PT and Chiro people I've seen in the past few years.

My cold is better but lingering.  I still have coughing fits, usually in the afternoon or evening, and feel like I can't take a really deep breath without setting off a fit.  We ended up leaving the NYE shindig we were at around 11:15p because the coughing had kicked in and I was exhausted, this despite taking a nap that afternoon.  We got home, I got into pajamas, watched the ball drop, kissed J, and immediately went to bed. Heh.

A co-worker who had been based in Belgium for a while is back in the office now - and he brought chocolate gelt that is Euro coins.  The chocolate is average at best but the Euros are cool.  I have to decide how long I can keep them for show without eating them.

I do want to do a 2015 wrap up post, but I need to add up the miles I ran and books I read and things.  I keep those totals in notebooks by hand.  I suppose I could switch to spreadsheets, but there's something satisfying about writing things down.
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