December 28th, 2016


in an airport

I am at the Vegas airport killing time until I board a plane back to CO.

We spent the holidays in NW Arizona with J's sister-in-law and kids.  J drove down with his mom, brother, and niece in the car from CO to AZ.  I have to work on both sides of this trip so I flew in on the 24th and am flying out today.  This has the added benefit of no road trip with lots of family, which would have made me crazy.
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I'll get home to work for a few days, and then am travelling again for New Year's weekend.  I'm hoping to be home for January, we've travelled a lot for the last six weeks and I'm ready to stay still for a while.

I'm a little nervous about work, this is my first time doing end of year and all of the 2016 audit items and my boss is a decent guy but absolutely believes in the sink-or-swim way of teaching things.  He'll answer questions, if I know what to ask.

Not much else to report from here - it's been a lot of hurry up to wait and filling time as best I can.  My Christmas present to me was reading "Snuff" by Terry Pratchett. Reading a new Pratchett has long been a balm, something I saved for a stressful time as a way to make things better.  There's only one Discworld novel I haven't read now.  It might be a while until I get to it since this is the last fix I get.

Happy late December everyone - I hope the week is treating you well.