July 17th, 2017


LJI:24 tool box

***This week we each had to write two pieces for Idol.  Mine are best read in this order: canard, then tool box.***

Thomas walked home slowly, nodding to everyone he saw, holding the small cage in front of him like a jewel. He had tricked the grey witch had bought the enchanted bird to be his wife.  Once at this father’s house he went straight to his room, closed the door and all the windows and pulled the drapes.   He opened the cage door and stood back with his arms wide, ready to receive the embrace of the grateful woman in blue.  Instead the thrush flew out of the cage to the top of a sconce, and sang a lovely tune.  Thomas was certain that being away from the grey witch would be all the help his near-wife needed to revert to her perfect form, and left the bird closed in his room as he went about his day.

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