March 26th, 2020


LJI: negative reverse

You don't really want to win LJ Idol, do you?  This endless write, read, repeat being done to Gary's whim on both topic and timing.  And shaking ideas out of your brain right now, while the entire world is dealing with - something - feels nearly impossible.  It's okay, you can fall on your sword.  You don't have to keep pushing to get your piece perfectly edited, cleverly titled, or linked on time.  I mean, if you want to I suppose you can keep going.  You'd have to be awfully brave though.


***What a perfect topic to create a sacrifice post with.  My work has exploded in the last two weeks in the best possible way (we're giving addtional grants to the schools we support) but it means when I'm not working I want to be away from my screen.  May all you brave people fight on!***