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gratitude day 26
(Yesterday was fine, I suppose.  We ran the show from beginning to end for the first time, and the invited audience seemed to like it.  It also became obvious in several different ways that my direct superior has no clue, and that this whole week the director is going to cram ten hours of work into a 2hr slot and then wonder why everyone is cranky.  Also, just stop bitching about the kids' tutoring already unless you want to write the damn schedules.)

I am grateful for snuggles, and a boyfriend who is willing to give them.  I am also grateful he's still letting me be a bit selfish this week to get through the end of this thing.  Opening is in sight, hopefully things really will get easier then.  I may have to open another 30 days of gratitude just to make it through.

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(Deleted comment)
Mostly it's just not paying him much attention - right now I leave the house at 9:45a and get home around 1a and the bits of time I'm home I just want to cocoon, have a snack, and sleep as much as I can. He still wants to give me goodbye kisses in the morning and I'm all "I'm late, no time."

I know this is just part of the ebb on my part and that there will be times it reverses. But with him having been gone for nine days I pulled into a solo life and am not climbing back out as quickly as I hoped. We actually chatted about it briefly and he's fine; I just still feel a little bad about it.

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