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gratitude days 27 & 28
Gah, I missed one.  Here goes -

I'm grateful for the realization that there is life outside the theater.  (Do other people here know Avenue Q?  "There is life outside my apartment" has been in my head all day.)  Whether hearing about one friend's not so great day, or another's good news from a doctor it reminds me that this thing I've been wrapped up in for nearly a month really is only a show, and in the greater scheme of things isn't even very important.  I'm finally starting to come up for air (I worked less than 12 hours today for the first time in a week, and made time to get an Idol entry in) and the added perspective is helpful.

Also I'm grateful that there's a character in this show named 'Dickon'.  Because if you say the name fast it sounds dirty, and middle school potty humor is about what my brain can handle these days.

I feel like for two days there should be more.  Hrmmm...
1) Trader Joe's mac and cheese
2) fine point sharpies
3) monkey puppet
4) no class tomorrow (I get to sleep in a little)

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I'm looking for a life INSIDE my apartment, since I just moved a few weeks ago, and I haven't had any time to actually be there! I'm SMing a staged reading, which I love, but I'm glad it's done tomorrow so I can stop living off of fast food and actually unpack some more. (And I get the song reference :-) Love it)

Have a great opening and I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Also, I love sharpies of any point size, and I work at TJ's - so yay mac and cheese :-)

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