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I realize that I still owe day 30 of my 30 days of gratitude exercise.  And I know that the whole point was to find something to be grateful for in each day, even if I wasn't feeling it.  I'm just tired and cranky and don't want to force it.  I'll do day 30 before the end of the month, there may even be a few bonus days.

The show opened, and is being really well received.  Opening weekend there was also yelling, and trauma about socks, and an 18" hole in the scrim - none of which an audience notices but all of which I deal with.  Literally there's a place in my chest that feels heavier when I'm driving towards the theater which seems sub-optimal.  The show itself is fun to call and lovely, but all the rest of it remains.  Hopefully as we settle into the routine of a run the rest of these things will be resolved.

Also, I am dropping out of therealljidol.  I feel bad for doing it but have class and an understudy rehearsal today before the topic is due so no time and fewer ideas.  Given that the topic is 'bupkis' you'd think I have something right there but I just can't spin my brain that way today, and I've already used my byes.  Once this show hits stride and I can pull my head out I plan to home game some.  But idol is another casualty to this show. (I realized that in November I read no new books, and saw no movies in the theater or on netflix.  I didn't knit a stitch, and my last run was 11/15.  I suck at life/work balance.)

Alright I need to get to class and start my day for reals.  I hope December is being spectacularly awesome to all of you lovely people.
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