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so a dog walks into a bar...

Huh.  That was a longer posting break than I planned to take.  I've been reading, or at least skimming all along but I didn't think it had been so long since I had typed, until I looked at my last entry.

Today I grabbed a can of tomato soup to heat up for lunch only to realize (after tasting it) that I had actually opened a can of tomato sauce.  Yup.

What else is fun - I did get the most interesting email from an understudy ever, titled "ski accident"; the poor guy broke his leg and needed a walking cast for six weeks.  (He is doing well.)  Of course, we had two weeks left at the time.  Ah well, the show closed and everyone lived.

My spring semester class just started and I really like the teacher.  The semester long group project I'm less excited by, especially since this is a gen ed class so a lot of folks are there just to put in the time (and 20-odd years younger than I am).  On the first day we all had to introduce ourselves, and one of the things the prof asked for was for everyone to say something interesting about themselves.  A few people couldn't come up with anything.  Really?

I really want to start reading for Idol again, when I dropped from writing I pretty much dropped out completely, missing some drama and I'm certain many fabulous entries.  I might even duck back into the green rooms.

I was in WI last week to see family who are all doing well.  The twins are getting so big and talking up a storm.  Lots of fun.  But flying out of the Green Bay airport on Monday morning we were surrounded by a lot of mopey folks.

Though this story exemplifies why I'm still a Packer fan, even when they break my heart.  Last Thursday it snowed in GB, so the team put out the word that they'd need folks to come and shovel out Lambeau field.  They were looking for 450 people starting at 10a, paid 10 bucks an hour, and provided the shovels.  The first people were lined up by 4a and not only did they get 450 people, they had to turn nearly 800 away.  It's community, in the best sense.

I'm off contract for a few more weeks so I'm spring cleaning a bit, watching lots of movies, picking my knitting back up, and working on starting a strength program to go along with my running (again).
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