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three things and a wish

1) Rehearsals start today for my next show.  It's a two person cast and we're planning to rehearse shorter days, but also the set design came in epically late and is still way more unsettled than a show that is going to be onstage in two weeks should be.  So, I'm reopening daily gratitude, from now until opening.  (I haven't actually counted, but we open March 10.)  I don't think it's quite as vital as it was last time, but it will keep me thinking good thoughts and around here.
2) Speaking of staying around and good thoughts, there is an opportunity to participate in "Second Chance Idol".  Much like the regular therealljidol, but for those of us who either didn't join up the first time around, or who dropped/byed/got voted out.  The original deadline was today, though it's been moved to later this week, and I haven't quite made up my mind yet.  Regular writing to a prompt again - good.  Participating in a community - good.  But the time commitment (I want to read if I'm playing) is large and I'm a bit torn.
3) My annual quest to see all the movies nominated for an Oscar is on.  I need to see one more movie ("The Help" has a long wait on netflix and I can't quite snag it) and I'll have covered all of the major categories - picture, director, acting, screenplays.  I've also completed more technical categories like sound editing. 

A Wish - to those celebrating have a happy and wonderful Valentine's day, full of love and hope and hugs and care.

To those who prefer to refer to today as VDday, I wish you all of the same things.  Just, more ironically.
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