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CharlieBrown dancing
Rehearsal yesterday went well, but several things at the end of the day went slightly wonky and piled on to make me cranky when I got home.  Nothing was a very big deal but apparently my coping mechanisms haven't all grown back fully after the last show.

Then I arrived home and my boyfriend had bought me a new book that I really wanted, which was awesome.  (He also bought two books that are for me sorta, mostly so he didn't break his rule of not buying any new books for himself for awhile - heh.) 

This morning I got up super early (for me) to go for a run, and then drove J to work.  He's getting a ride from a coworker to the airport this evening, he'll be gone through Monday.  I'll miss him, but this new routine of him leaving town when I'm in rehearsal might be better for both of us.

1. I got to show off my geekiness in rehearsal when someone brought up LARP and I was the only one in the room who could de-acronymize the word.  Woot!
2. Leftover curry split pea soup (which I cooked all by myself!)
3. They aren't locking the porta potties that are on the trail for all of the construction that's going on.  This morning that was a very happy discovery.
4. Also the trail at 8a is mostly empty and quiet, which is lovely.

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And bonus points for using the word "de-acronymize".

I'm SM-ing a staged reading next week (one of those week-long contracts), and rehearsals haven't even started yet but there is already drama brewing between the accompanist and the director. Oy.

I think there is probably a simpler word that would have sufficed, but I couldn't figure one out so I made up my own.

Week-long projects should not be allowed to have drama - there's not enough time for everything that needs to happen as it is.

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