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Where Rebecca asks for help with her homework
time is twisted
I know I've been horrible about posting lately and I'm coming back to ask a favor.  Sorry.  In any case it's super easy, won't take more than 15 minutes of your time, you don't even have to leave the computer, and if you let me know that you did it I'll write you a personal haiku based on the topic of your choice. 

Most of you know that I have been taking classes at CSM, a local community college, working towards a certificate in accounting.  This semseter I'm taking Business 100, an Introduction to Contemporary American Business.  Part of the class is developing an actual business plan with a small group, and my group is trying to start an investment firm.  We're at the phase of research and marketing, and this is where all of you lovely people come in, because we need to survey our potential client base.

Taking the survey is easy, we've set it up online so all you have to do is follow this link:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K8CTKP5
and fill out the questions.  It shouldn't take you more than 10-15 minutes.  Don't worry if your answers sound like you're not our ideal customer, at the moment completed surveys are the most important thing.  Well, completed surveys by next Tuesday, March 20 are the most important thing.

In other news, the show is open and going well, my running is still not as awesome as I wish it were for a race that is ten days away, and it's very wet here.  I promise to update more soon, if only so I don't have to feel so crushingly guilty if I ever need to ask for a favor again. 

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I did it! And I'd love a haiku...about...um...being an LJ Idol participant. :-D

Awesome, thank you so much. Your haiku...

Sometimes the hardest
part of writing is the place
to start. Hence, a prompt.


You're welcome, and thank you, back!

Okay done! I'm sure I sound like an absolute tool too! lol....

Glad your show is going well!

Heh, right now all we need is data, any kind of data, so thank you. A haiku even though you didn't ask...

Work slowly kills the
soul and makes one cranky. So
find passion elsewhere.

lol... I love that haiku. It's so perfect.

Done! And I sound like a naive newbie (redundancy is required in this instance).

May I please have a haiku about ... difficult directors? (profanity might be necessary - that's ok)

Heh. That's okay I don't know much about it either, but one guy in our group actually wants to start a business like this so we're all coasting on his passion.

With your haiku topic I could write several but here's one..

Difficult, dirty
despicable, damn, drama-
loving..... director

Are you running Oakland? I'll take a running haiku, thanks!

I am running Oakland, the half. Are you going to be there?

Your haiku (brought to you by someone who was just shoe shopping)...

Pronation, fore-foot
versus heel strike, barefoot or
shod, who cares? Just run.

Am I your target market given that I'm not American?

Really, no one here is our target market since we'd be starting small and focusing just on Silicon Valley. Given that the business is investing in the US market though, it probably doesn't make so much sense for you to fill it out. Thanks for asking though, I'm thrilled at the turnout I've gotten already.

I completed it for you.

Woot! I send you hugs and kisses, thanks so much.

Good luck on the run!

I completed your survey, and no haiku needed, as I probably messed up your results with my Canadian investing.

Thank you! It's been very wet this week so it's an exercise in motivation to convince myself to get out the door in the rain.

Heh, I don't think you messed anything up. Right now we need data, even if it shows that we're crazy.

I have no idea what number 4 was but hey - I knew I have a 403b.

Haiku about never reading your flist! (Seriously - you have no idea how lucky I was to catch this.)

And a haiku from our board at work

Yesterday it worked
Today it refuses to
Lawson is like that

Heh, I read in fits and starts so I'm on average about a week behind. Your haiku ...

time is short, life is
busy, but it's important
keeping up with friends

Done and done.

I've taken up running recently and I just don't know how you do it. I'm truly amazed. Good luck with your race, and everything else!!!

Thanks so much.

Heh well I'm not going to be very fast this time, but I can keep going. I'm always thrilled to find out someone else has joined the craziness, yay! May your running continue to go well.

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