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Thanks to the folks who took time to fill out the survey for my class.  We've gotten enough response now to close the survey, and I got at least 15 of the 25 responses we had registered as of this morning (so I win!).

The show is rolling along and won't be extending so I have two more weeks and out.  This show is nice enough, and easy to run.  What will be interesting is over the next week we're transitioning out two crew folks for replacements, and have another fill-in person.  It shouldn't be too bad, but it's more turnover than I'm used to on a show (we overlap with the next one and so the longtime crew are abandoning our last week for another five weeks of work on that one).

My race is this Sunday.  I feel as prepared as I'm going to get, but still a little pokier than I'd like.  I'm aiming to run 10:45 miles which comes out to just under 2:21.  It's not a PR but it's faster than I ran the half last fall.  According to weather reports it is likely to rain on us which makes me slightly grumpy.  Actually running in the rain is kind of fun, planning to run in the rain is icky.  This does keep me on track for my master plan, which is to set a new half PR this summer.  The idea is to keep running and add more sprints and hills, instead of always having to start from nearly scratch building up mileage for every race.

Of course, the day after the race I need to stop taking my levothyroxine for hopefully only two-three weeks, so that I can do the annual testing to prove that I'm still in remission.  I'm going to need to figure out ways to keep moving, gently, throughout my time out of balance.  And take lots of naps.  I should be smart enough to read my body and not push it too hard, but I'm really excited about this plan which makes it a little tougher.

Alright, I should finish unlocking the theater now so that the crew can get in and actually do their jobs.  Happy spring everyone!
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