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race and balance

I'm reading along with my flist, I'm just being really bad at posting lately.  Weird.  In any case....

I ran a half-marathon on March 25.  It didn't rain on us, but instead was just overcast and cool all morning which was awesome.  I finished in 2:16:06 which was much better than I thought I'd do, and within a minute of my PR time.  I guess my training was better than I thought.  My pacing was weird ( I ran alternating 10s and 10:30s for seven miles), and I still ran a mile way off pace at #10 so I need to figure out how to get through the late stages without tanking for a mile.  I still love the course and the crowd energy at Oakland and plan to do this one again.  I even made it to the theater with enough time to both shower and eat before the show, though it was close.

[The show closed this past Sunday.  It was a really good group of people, and a mostly problem-free run.]

I signed up for an introductory 30-day offer at a local yoga studio last week.  I'm starting off with a class called Yin yoga, it's all about holding poses for a really long time and really loosening up tendons and things.  It's fascinating to me how the same pose done on each side of my body can feel really different, or that the tightness shows up in different places on each side.  I would like to take another, more energetic class too, but I think I'm in exactly the right place to start.

I've been off my thyroid meds for a week.  Naps aren't mandatory yet, but I certainly get sleepy/draggy after being awake for around 4 hours (taking a short nap resets the clock, but then I get draggy again).  I'm trying to be careful about how hard I push this week, but having just finished the show there are a lot of things I want to do; for example, I have a list of people I should meet for lunch/coffee to hang out with, and spring cleaning the apartment would be smart.  Hopefully I will get through this quickly, and be back to normal soon.
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