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quick catch-up
I'm back on my thyroid meds, after 18 days off and sliding to a TSH of 48.  The ultrasound looked clear and all the blood work came back negative, so I have my "still in remission" pass for another year.  My doctor kindly prescribed both T3 and re-upped my long term T4 so I'm feeling much better already.

I won the fantasy hockey league I was playing in.  Me, who when faced with two players of similar ability picked the one who was cuter.  The serious hockey fans involved have all been gracious about it, honestly I think I won mostly because I paid attention for the entire season.  Well and I drafted Mike Smith as my third goalie.

I've been watching a lot of movies during this span of time off.  I haven't been following any particular theme, other than stuff already on my netflix list.  The issue is I'll see something with an actor I really liked or had never seen (I watched my first Jimmy Cagney picture this week) and then want to add other films with them in it, and thus my queue will never get any shorter.  Ah well.

It is gorgeous here today, sunny and warm and very un-April-like.  I have to figure out some way of celebrating it.

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Glad that your bloodwork came back negative and that you are okay. *HUGS*

Congrats on winning the league! That's pretty awesome. Who were the two players you had to choose between? lol...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Nice to see you poke your head back out again! :-)

I don't remember, but I mostly used the cute test on defensemen. Which I suppose makes a twisted kind of sense.

And thanks, going through the testing always adds a little extra stress to life. I don't expect anything to be wrong but then you're going to 'know'.

I've been thinking good thoughts for your sister - I hope your week continues awesomely.

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