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bits and stuff
-The car is back and fine.  The new clutch is especially springy, I mostly have it worked out now but for the first several days I kept having the urge to yell at cars around me "I know how to drive a stick, I swear, this is a new clutch!"  I didn't realize how automatic that motion had become until I had to change it.

-Bringing the car in means they did a mini inspection and I should also be getting new brakes and tires.  Luckily neither one is a dire, immediate need, because I need to pay off the clutch first.

-My class for this semester is winding to a close.  Of course the teacher dumped a lot on us in the last two weeks, which is exactly when I'd like to not be worrying about class.  Also, stupid group project.

-I'm back at work as of tomorrow.  This next show should be a lot of fun.  It's written by a three-person band, who are also the performers.  That means the company can occasionally do a little slight of hand like this weekend, when they'll be here writing, but not officially rehearsing as performers.  (Even if they're doing a read/sing through of the current version.)  Which mostly means they can get away without having stage management and don't have to pay me.  Blech.

-I've been feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated lately, which is a bad combination.  Speaking of, I should now go and get something done.

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Glad you got your car back... but yeah, getting used to a new clutch would suck. lol... you totally don't realize how you compensate for things until you are forced to change your routine. You're totally right. :-)

Group projects suuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Ugh. I'm sorry you had one dropped on you in the last two weeks. That is just ridiculous.

I hope you're able to crawl out of feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated!

I've never liked group projects. And this one is slightly harder because everyone else in my group is typically college aged while I'm - not. One other guy is truly involved, so I think we'll be fine.

Now that I've actually started on a few things it feels less overwhelming, more like I just need to get things done. Staring at the mountain is always freakier to me than starting to climb.

Funny - I have the same old clutch, but for some reason lately I've been having a hard time with it. And then I realized J adjusted my seat a tiny bit when he drove my car! Who know it would make such a difference? I'm glad your car is better.

People not having to pay you isn't any fun, but the rest of it sounds interesting. Also, overwhelmed and unmotivated is not a good combination. I should know, I have both of them often :P

Clutches are weird things. I'm not jerking forward every time I start from a stop anymore, but I still killed the engine once yesterday. Heh.

This weekend seems to have resolved itself mostly, I'm scheduling it but I won't be there in person. It's annoying because it would be nice to be there so I didn't have to play catch up next week, but I'll enjoy my last weekend of free time instead.

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