Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

bits and stuff

-The car is back and fine.  The new clutch is especially springy, I mostly have it worked out now but for the first several days I kept having the urge to yell at cars around me "I know how to drive a stick, I swear, this is a new clutch!"  I didn't realize how automatic that motion had become until I had to change it.

-Bringing the car in means they did a mini inspection and I should also be getting new brakes and tires.  Luckily neither one is a dire, immediate need, because I need to pay off the clutch first.

-My class for this semester is winding to a close.  Of course the teacher dumped a lot on us in the last two weeks, which is exactly when I'd like to not be worrying about class.  Also, stupid group project.

-I'm back at work as of tomorrow.  This next show should be a lot of fun.  It's written by a three-person band, who are also the performers.  That means the company can occasionally do a little slight of hand like this weekend, when they'll be here writing, but not officially rehearsing as performers.  (Even if they're doing a read/sing through of the current version.)  Which mostly means they can get away without having stage management and don't have to pay me.  Blech.

-I've been feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated lately, which is a bad combination.  Speaking of, I should now go and get something done.

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