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veronica evil
The weather here has been gorgeous, which means everyone is spending more time outside, and we're leaving our windows open.  This means we're having more contact with our neighbors, like it or not.

There are the folks downstairs who like to smoke, um "sandwiches" (thanks, HIMYM!).  Occasionally the wind blows the right way when they're outside and we end up closing up for a bit to avoid the contact high.  This week though, I think he's been lighting up sandwiches around 8a, daily.  It's possible that's always been true and I just didn't have my window open, or he has a room in the apartment for such things in bad weather but jeesh, it seems excessive to me.

In another direction are the neighbors who've been working on some kind of construction project that involves what sounds like a table saw at odd times.  They're out there currently listening to a Peter Cetera CD.  On repeat.  The same CD they listened to last weekend.  Also on repeat.  Would buying them a new CD be rude?  Wait, they may have just moved on.  That sounds new.  It's "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago.  So, baby steps I guess.

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Sandwiches! HAHAHAHA. But, also. UGH. Rude too. We've been able to open the windows too. I love/hate it...the road behind our house is super busy so it's LOUD.

We live in the back of our little complex so we don't have any road noise, just neighbors.

It's weird because I don't know the relationships downstairs. I think it's a mom with partial custody of two young boys and a boyfriend (the smoker) but he could also be her brother or something. In any case, he's a big guy, but I don't really want to talk to her about it and tattle. Currently we're hoping it's just spring exuberance and will taper off on its own, if not J gets nominated to go and talk to them.

Sandwiches! Heh.

Sorry to hear you're having a tough time with the neighbors. Hope it gets resolved soon!

Do you have a fan or anything? Maybe? I don't know.

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