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news of some import
"Let me 'splain.  No, there is too much. Let me sum up."  Inigo Montoya

So yeah, I've been reading along on my friends list, but totally lost the habit of posting.  Some interesting stuff has happened in the last six weeks:
- I survived rehearsing a world premiere that was more changeable than most I've worked on recently ie. in the three days of previews we changed the opening song, cut a scene entirely, cut all the dialog out of another scene and rewrote several sections.  And that was just previews.  The rehearsal process was crazy.
- I got my first pair of new glasses since 2003 and now have a very sexy librarian vibe when I wear them
- I ran Bay to Breakers and saw the salmon for the ninth year - cause really that's the important part of that race.
- I went in for blood work and all my levels are good
- I ran a 10K last weekend which I am both excited and really frustrated by (I set a new PR but went out way too fast)

But really the biggest news of my recent life is this:  I gave notice at the theater.  On Sunday I will close what I hope will be the last show I ever stage manage.  This is exciting.  This is also hugely scary.

If you've been reading along for awhile you've read about me falling out of love with theater and getting steadily more frustrated with the place I work and the job in general.  You've even seen me declare my intention of leaving and then not go anywhere.  Somehow, now is the time.  I realize that I'm very lucky to be in a position where it's financially possible to take this leap into changing careers, and I'm taking advantage. 

What's next?  I don't know.  I have a few applications out already, and carefully mapped plans for when I need to be taking the next steps.  I'm planning to take two classes this fall to finish my accounting certificate (hopefully while I'm working) and I have contingency plans inside of lists inside of other plans.  I have a feeling the hardest part of this whole thing is going to be the necessary step of redefining myself in my own head; I've done theater for 20 years, and wanted to do nothing else for most of that time.  So if I'm not stage managing then what, or who, am I?  Here's to finding out.

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Aieeee!! Cheers to new adventures! Welcome to the wonderful world of beancounting!

(End of fiscal year: T minus three days and counting...)

Thanks so much!

The place I have an interview with tomorrow (ohmygod - just found out and I haven't interviewed in years, I have to hem a pair of pants) does fiscal year end on July 31, so I'd be getting there just in time.

May your year end go well.

Good luck on the interview! I'm sure you'll be great :D

Oooh, oh my! Congratulations, I think? And *hugs*.

As for who you are, you are a cool person and a good friend.

Actually, congratulations has been the most common response to my telling folks this news. That or, "but what are we going to do"?

Thanks so much for the hugs and kind words, hopefully this means I can be a more regular audience member.

How exciting! Best of luck to you!

Thanks so much! I alternate between excited and totally freaked out, but in either case I know this is the right call for me.

Sometimes its just time to move on. I moved from doing theatre for money to doing it for fun plus theatre education. It was a good move for me and allowed me to stay involved with something I loved (and am good at) in a way that was less trauma inducing. Best of luck to you!

Exactly that. Some folks have been asking me if I'd come back to do a reading or crew a show and I think yes, in a year or so after the recent job trauma has had time to heal. But I had to get out before my love was killed completely dead.
Thanks for the good wishes.

Oh wow- good for you. Terrifying and exhilerating! As mentioned above, you can always be involved in theatre non-professionally, on your own terms, and maybe that will make it fun for you again. It is a bit weird to transition to the "straight" world, and there are times I really miss working in theatre... and there are times I don't! Yay for moving on from things that don't make you happy.

Congrats on the good blood levels!

I have a feeling that the transition to a more "normal" schedule won't be hard for a while; right now I'm so excited for it that it'll take a few months of living inside it to see what I've given up. And yeah, there would be several opportunities for me to come back to this theater or others and lend a hand should I choose.

Thanks for the blood level shout out too, it's nice knowing that my medication is good.

Jumping off into the unknown is frightening and exhilarating. Good luck and well done for taking the steps.

Sexy glasses rock :)

Exactly, thanks for the well wishes.

I'm really enjoying these new glasses, and it turns out they don't work at all with the headset I have to wear to call the show. So I guess it's just another sign that this is the right call.

Good for you! I close a show on Sunday as well, and I will be thinking of you closing yours :-) Good luck with your new blank slate ... can't wait to see what develops.

Have a great closing yourself! I'm a little concerned that folks are going to want to show up and be goopy abut my leaving, but I guess I should take it in the spirit intended.

I gave notice at the theater.

Edited at 2012-06-28 04:33 am (UTC)

Thanks! Interestingly, congrats or a high five has been the reaction I've gotten most of the time.

(Deleted comment)
I think the issue in any long term job is at some point you pick up the slack for someone else as a special thing, and then suddenly that's your job too. And if you can't bear to see stuff not get done...

Ever since my new boss came in my jog had been on a downward slide, hopefully your situation is reversible or leaving is possible.

wait, what?!

You can't leave as I'm hoping to come back! Who will I know there? Who would I bond with?

At the same time, I'm very excited for you. Really. And sad. I'll always associate you with TW and that whole growing up period we all do when we get there. We've gone through a lot. And you've stuck it through and then some. I hope they give you a HUGE send off.

Keep in touch if you decided a different type of stage management. I'm ALWAYS looking for stage managers! Or come into Production Management! Opera Santa Barbara is desperately seeking a PM!

You're coming back? I can guarantee there's an opening at least...

The turnover in the last decade or so has been pretty complete, though there are still some crew folk around you'd still recognize. I requested for my party to be wrapped in with the annual crew thank you party. It seemed appropriate and this way the focus won't be entirely on me.

If I decide to keep SMing I'll certainly let you know.

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