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okay then
Remember in yesterday's post where I typed "I have a few applications out"?  Shortly thereafter I got an email and well, I have an interview.  This afternoon.  (I've just spent ten minutes worrying about how to do my hair which I find both amusing and bizarre.)

I figure if nothing else this is good practice at interviewing since it's been a while.  I do realize that the chances of getting the very first thing I made a try for are phenomenally slim, then again, I think I'd really like this job.  So..

I'd appreciate any goodwill you could send my way, mostly that I don't make an ass of myself.  I'll report back later.

(Oh and I put my hair in a medium ponytail, a bun seemed too severe and down with a headband seemed too relaxed.  I'm not over-thinking this at all.)

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You will NOT make an ass of yourself. You will walk in there and absolutely rock. Good luck and go kick some ass!!!!

I did not make an ass of myself. I actually think it went rather well. They have to finish the first round of interviews and then they have several days off for the 4th so now I just wait for a week.

Fingers crossed for you!!!

Thanks so much lady - it went well.

It really did, I think. In the group interview by the second half I ended up hearing some stories about them as things relaxed a bit, I'm hoping that's a good sign.


I'm glad it went well, will you hear this week?

Also congratulations on making the job change, I hope you get a little bit of time to yourself before you start something new.

I should hear something in the later half of this week. (A friend works there so I have inside info and know that one of the candidates moved her interview to this Wednesday.)

I took all of last week off, which was lovely. I still have a few more days of errands to do to feel like I'm caught up from the show, and then I need to get on the job search. Not counting my chickens and all that.

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