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We're going to WI for a long weekend later today, and I have a feeling the temperature difference is going to be shocking.  I've never liked the heat, and to be dropped into it will be interesting.  I packed my floppy hat for the day outside and plan to drink lots and lots of water.  (Fast way to get drunk, drink the keg beer to be sociable in 90 degree heat while not noticing you haven't had water in a few hours.  I did that several years ago, don't need to do it again.)  I also need to run long at least once while I'm home and am dreading it - but I suppose it'll help toughen me up. 

I did have a second interview yesterday for the job at a local university. 

It went really well, and I'm one of the two final candidates.  I would think I had a great shot except... the manager had a brainstorm over the weekend and they may be morphing the job into a slightly different position.  This still needs approval from at least two higher layers of management before it's a go.  So even if the job stays as is, I won't hear anything for a while, and if it does morph I will still be in the running for it but I'm fairly certain they need to re-post at least internally, and I would be coming in for at least one more interview with the new immediate manager.  The morphed position would be at a higher pay grade, which is awesome, but I really was hoping to get this settled one way or the other quickly.  When I get back from WI I need to dive into being unemployed for real, this job may still come through but the time to put my brain back together after the show is done now.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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