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Why does it seem like every post I write should be titled catching up?

So the things...

1) WI was fun.  I managed to run long on the day the temps only got into the upper 80s which was lovely.  The family is all doing well, the kids continue to be adorable, and the dingleball tournament was loads of fun.  Someday I will have to figure out why small children are so intrigued by tapped kegs (several of the youngsters around were happy to help pump or pour for us).  And they brought back the karaoke element for the evening.  It turns out my brother is a ham; my dad agreed to do a duet with me so I picked "Friends in Low Places" which my brother and mom also ended up joining in on.  So we have a new family photo of all of us belting out that song.  I am so lucky to have an immediate family that is this silly and awesome.

2) The Stanford job has definitely morphed into a new position, and it has been reposted.  I should hear something late this week / early next week about another interview.  Part of the morphing of the job is that it has some more responsibility and is salaried, which means they may want someone with more experience.  The friend who originally recommended me is considering interviewing for it as well, in which case the ideal situation would be for her to get the new job and me to take over her position.  I'm working on my zen over the whole thing.

3) The SF race was Sunday.  I ran the 1st half and ugh those hills.  I had no legs at all, which I think might be due to not tapering as much as usual.  I got steadily slower as the race went on (they posted splits for 5k and 7.4 miles) and just couldn't get my head far enough in the game to overcome my legs.  I finished in 2:26:46 which is way slower than I wanted to go, but ah well at least I finished.  Next up is a 9k in September, and then I think I'm aiming for another half in November.

4) My official going away party for TW was last night, rolled into the crew party per my request.  It was fun, and very sweet.  I'm going to have to figure out a way to stay in touch with all of those people now that I'm not going to see them at work, maybe I'll get on one of those new-fangled social network thingamabobs.  Or maybe not.

Today I am taking just for myself.  Tomorrow is the start of a new month and needs to be a new mindset of doing all the things to find a new job.
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