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We've started getting a 'box' delivered from a local farm every other week.  It's a good way to get super fresh fruits and veggies, and also to try new things since occasionally there's something in there I've never heard of.  Last Friday's box had some smallish eggplant and sweet peppers, and we had other veggies hanging out in the fridge that really needed to be consumed soonly.  (J does most of the grocery shopping at Costco so we have lots of certain things, I fill in the edges at the local market.)  So I decided to go for a stir fry of veggies last night, kind of hoping all of the flavors would work together.  It ended up being: eggplant, sweet peppers, onion, garlic, mushrooms, and asparagus and it was actually good!  (If very brown/beige, luckily no one was taking photos.) 

I am rarely experimental in my cooking, preferring to follow a very definite recipe, and then maybe making modifications to a dish if I make it again.  I am super excited this worked, and I think we should add stir-fry to our regular meals, since most anything could be added in.

Oh, and after watching a Good Eats rerun I also made blackberry grunt last night, which was supper yummy.  I think J is trying to figure out how to keep me in this 'cooking is fun' mode all the time.
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