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I am signed back on with a local temp agency.  Suddenly they have me super busy this week which is good because, well, it's work and bad because it's less time to look for a full time gig.  I need to figure out a balance.

Last night, I was signed on to go to a local department type store to help with inventory.  The basic idea was easy, count everything in the store.  The methodology wasn't too difficult either: 1) get a scanner, enter your employee number 2) scan the bright pink rack tag 3) scan all of the items behind that tag until you get to the next rack tag 4) hand count all the items and enter that number, if you matched the # you scanned the readout said "hoorah", you initialed and wrote your count on the rack tag, and moved to the next thing.

I was in women's wear all night which meant I was mostly dealing with clothes on hangers which is certainly easier, think about how tables of folded jeans usually have a level at shin height.  Or how about counting every lip balm in the basket next to the register.  Or every pair of earrings on the spinny rack.  I haven't really thought before about how many things are in a store until I was part of a group of at least 60 or so (temps and employees) counting every single thing.
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